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Updated Wed 07 December 2022

Chicago Steak Company Discount Codes

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Store's Description

The Story Behind My Chicago Steak invites you to experience the tradition thats been in Chicago since 1865 and has been at the forefront of premium American meats. is a specialist in Mid-West grown, hand-cut, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Prime beef the top steaks avialble to buy. They trim, raise and age their steaks employing centuries-old methods, then vacuum-seal them individually, preserving freshness and flavor.

Chicago Steak Company

If you take a bite of the Chicago Steak Company steak, you're tasting a quality that dates back to days gone by. Chicago steaks are exclusively sourced from Mid-West breeds of heritage cattle which gives their steaks the coveted marbling, tenderness, and flavor that only be achieved through superior growth environments and pedigree. steaks are aged for between four and six weeks in order to achieve the richness of flavor that is demanded by top restaurants, steakhouses and the most discerning palates. They provide dry-aged and wet-aged steaks to suit your taste with aging techniques that stretch back to the past. They are the are market leader on Dry Aging Beef and own the biggest Dry Aging Facility in the Mid-West, offering a unique flavor profile that is unmatched by their contemporaries. The steaks are cut by butchers using the traditional method and then hand-carved by skilled craftsmen to cut off excess tissues and fat resulting in a succulent and delicious beefy steak bite.

My Chicago Steak Offer USDA Prime Beef

Chicago Steak Company specialize in Dry Aged USDA Prime steaks and are committed to providing you with the finest beef. They carefully age each steak for up to 6 weeks in their state-of-the-art Dry Aging facility to give it a rich and nutty flavor. USDA Prime can be described as the most prestigious grade that is granted to beef by USDA to beef. It accounts for just the top 2 percent of beef raised in the United States by American ranchers. Nothing compares to the tenderness and taste the flavor and tenderness of USDA Prime steaks.

Chicago Steak Company serves the highest quality Steak Experience at the best restaurants in the world. A night out at a Chicago Steak restaurant is a wonderful experience for friends, family and colleagues, and a beef prime assortment provides a tasty centerpiece for any barbecue at the backyard. steat university is committed to helping people understand the qualities that make a good steak. Ther publish recipes and video training on the best techniques for cooking, provide recipes made in the steakhouse style, and showcase the top steakhouses in America. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of succulent dry-aged ribeyes delicious flavor that comes from USDA Prime tenderloin, or the delicious the Kobe style Wagyu meat, their dedication to  old-fashioned cooking and finest beef makes enjoying your beef steak the best ever experience.